Today is Thursday, May 26, 2016
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A. Financial Group
• Peninsula Rural Bank, Inc.
• RD Pawnshop, Inc.
• Celebes Insurance Agency, Inc.
• RD & Company Jewelers & Gemologist, Inc.
• RD Credit Corporation
B. Fishing Group
• RD Fishing Industry, Inc.
• RD Tuna Ventures, Inc.
• South Sea Fishing Ventures, Phil., Inc.
• RD Prawn Farm & Hatchery, Inc.
• RD Floating Dry-Dock & Machine Works, Inc.
• Asia Pacific Allied Fishing Ventures, Corp.
• Genpack PNG
C. Realty and Hotel Group
• RD Realty Development Corporation
• RD Fishing Supply and Hardware, Inc.
• RD Pilipinas Construction, Inc.
• Tropicana Express & Transport Corp.
• Anchor Hotel, Hotel Dolores, Tropicana Beach Resort, Anchor Driving Range, RD Plaza
• Richmond Land Innovation, Inc.
D. Papua New Guinea Group
• RD Fishing Papua New Guinea, Inc.
• RD Tuna Canners, (PNG) LTD
• PNG Cold Storage, Ice Plant & Wharf Facilities, Inc.
• Vidar Plantation, Inc.
E. Agri-Business & Food Processing Group
• Philbest Canning Corporation
• RD Farms & Ranch
• RD Export and Processing Corp.
• Allied Pacific Packaging Solutions, Corp.
• Igloo Storage Complex, Corp.
• Asia Pacific Tuna Canning Co.
• PT. RD Anugrah Indonesia
• Gensan Shipyard & Machine Works, Inc.
F. Affiliate Companies
• Genpack Corporation
• Celebes Canning Corporation
• Mindanao Medical Center, Inc.